Pair of fake two-tone earrings for men and women in non-pierced steel

    Pair of fake earrings for men and women in steel with colored bands


    Fake hoop earrings that do not require pierced ears with parallel bands in colored relief bringing chic to this revisited classic model.

    • Blue
    • Copper
    • YELLOW
    • Black

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    For people who want to wear earrings without having to have their ears pierced, here are wonderful stainless steel earrings with colored raised parallel bands bringing chic to this revisited classic model. These thick hoop earrings are positioned on the lobe with a simple press of the fingers. A pair of unisex earrings that add the ultimate touch of elegance to every outfit.

    COLOR TO CHOICE: Black / Gold / Copper / Blue

    Info: The color of the parallel strips is obtained using an ionization plating process. Made of high quality nickel-free, lead-free, allergen-free, anti-corrosion and sturdy stainless steel. Comes with a gift bag.

    10 grams
    13mm x 13mm
    Stainless steel
    fake ears not pierced
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