The string test

  • Cut a short piece of ribbon or string.
  • For an accurate measurement, wrap it around the finger you will wear the ring on.
  • Be sure to wrap the ribbon or string tightly around your finger.

  • Where the two ends of the tape overlap, make a mark (line) using a pen or pencil.

  • Measure the distance between the 2 marks to find out the circumference of your finger (EU size)

  • Buy your favorite rings :)

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To measure your wrist size:
Place a measuring tape around your wrist, tightening it very lightly. All you have to do is take the measurement on the meter and refer to the sheet of the desired bracelet in our product details section > Length.



(~ 3 to 12 years old)

Curb chain 14 cmvalidé
Curb chain 16 cmvalidé
Curb chain 18 cmvalidé
Curb chain 20 cm and morevalidé
Chain/necklace 38 cmvalidé
Chain/Necklace 40cmvalidévalidé
Chain/Necklace 42cmvalidévalidé
Chain/Necklace 45cmvalidé
Chain/necklace 50 cmvalidévalidé
Chain/necklace 55 cm and morevalidévalidé

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As it is not so simple to choose the size of your chain beyond its appearance, here is a simple table below to give you an overview of what the different lengths of necklaces or chains can give on a bust medium sized.

IN SUMMARY : For good choose the length of your chain, we offer you a short guide to lengths, depending on the person for whom the jewelry is intended. This guide is presented for information purposes only, the length may vary depending on the person's build.

If you would like to share or suggest further information about this size guide, then please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form by selecting the subject >For any other questions

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